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Why Dating an HIV-Positive Man Might be Safer

Social and cultural factors have actually out stigma around HIV. While this is true that it can’t be cured but it is not impossible to win this battle. If HIV positive men are taking their medicine diligently then they are if no threat to their partners. If it is undetectable then it is means it is non-transmittable too! Here are some reasons to justify and prove whet dating an HIV- Positive man might actually be safer!

Why Dating an HIV-Positive Man Might be Safer

1. Because they will never cheat on you: Men who are suffering from HIV know the importance of time and relation. They are not the ones who are out there to break hearts! Rather they are finding true love that can treat them with respect and love they are longing for! So there is emotional and mental safety involved while dating them.

2. Because they are caring: It is not so easy to deal with HIV. You have to be extra cautious of your health and take necessary precautions not just to lead a healthy lifestyle but also to make your partner believe in you. Hence HIV Positive man will take extra care of you and ensure that you are not hit be any virus in the world. They are the ones who get their blood tests very often and thus can detect any potential disease much before than an average man. They know what it takes to lose health and thus they will never ever let you do it!

3. Because you get to date someone who will help you grow: HIV is the reality of modern science and as HIV-negative, you would never spend hours and educating yourself about antibodies and treatments on HIV. If you are dating HIV positive partner you would get to know and understand lot of real situations. So dating someone who can help you in growing is actually not bad.

4. Because they value you: During the lifetime, we crib and cry on little and unimportant things but when life gives us a bolt, everything goes for a toss! When you get to know that you are suffering from something which is ‘normal’ but have ’stigma’ attached to it, you understand the value of people around you. Hence, a man with HIV knows what it takes to keep hold of relationships and hence he will never let you go.

5. Because they are sexually adventurous: Nothing against them but if men are HIV positive then it means that they are sexually adventurous. They had or have those fantasies which are unthinkable by most of us! While they are open-minded they are wise and mindful too! This means nobody else better than them know the importance of having protected sex.

So this means you have nothing to fear girl! Go out and you never know the guy working out next to you at gym or the cute one staying in the apartment above or the one whom you see often at your favourite Thai place is actually the one! So why to refuse so many awesome and adorable guys in the world?