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Herpes on Lip: Things You Need To Know Before Kissing

Herpes is extremely common and if you think you are alone having it then think again! But the unfortunate part is that herpes is contagious and if you are dating a partner with herpes then you need to be utterly careful with your intimacy levels. The breakout of herpes can cause severe pain and therefore whenever your partner if having an outbreak, that is not the right time to get intimate. It can be so contagious that you can get infection just be kissing someone! Here are few things that you need to know if you are having herpes on lips or if you partner is having an outbreak on lip! A healthy relationship is the one where you care about your partner and while kissing might satisfy your momentary desire it can leave your partner in harsh pain later on!

Herpes on Lip: Things You Need To Know Before Kissing

Virus can be transmitted through cold and active sores

Cold sores don’t have to be physically present or scabbed over for the virus to be contagious. When your sores are not active or breaking out; they are still considered to be contagious in herpes. It is like an active volcano; you never know when it will break down! There may be modest likelihood that if sores do not exist the chances of transmission are non-existent but it is not wholly true. This means that even if there are no signs and symptoms, virus can still be transmitted. But you should always be wary of warning signs of outbreak that include burning and itching.

Be ready to accept love

Relationship is all about sharing love and care! If your partner is suffering from herpes, he deserves an extra level of care and concern. It is not possible not to kiss your partner if you are in relationship but with some wise steps, you would be able to do it properly. Consult your doctor and take tips about neutralizing this virus so that you can spend some quality time with your partner. If you are knowledgeable then you can describe these situations to your partner is an understanding manner. When your partner has stood understanding throughout this tough time then your body language to accept love would be sufficient to convince waiting until the virus neutralizes. There is nothing to be embarrassed or turned off if your partner is having cold sores as it is just a matter of time!

Protection is in your hands

HSV- 1 or simplex virus is contagious and even when you are not having active breakouts, you should take preventive measures to lower your risk especially if you are in relationship. It is possible for your mouth to go off limits but how about kissing on cheeks? This will protect you from virus and will save your partner from fare up pain! This is because kissing can actually outbreak the pores. Don’t share things like hand towels, straws, razors and lip balm. Take proper care and have specific medications to decrease these cold sores. Each and every step that you take including controlling your emotions will help in resuming the normalcy of your relationship!