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Four Useful Dating Tips for Herpes Singles

The road of life can seem to be utterly lonely if you don’t have someone special walking beside you! Everyone wants to be in love and how hard it is for people suffering from herpes to find a true partner to share a life with! We have spoken to many doctors who have dealt with patients suffering from herpes and their concerns and emotions are all genuine. Living with herpes adds an extra wrinkle to the process of connecting people and decreases your chances of finding a suitable and loving match. Herpes do impact life of people surrounding you but that doesn’t deprive you of true love! Here are four useful dating tips that can help you in facing the truth with confidence.

Four Useful Dating Tips for Herpes Singles

1. What is HIV?

Before you start freaking out about your partner having HIV, it is necessary that you understand what is it? It stands for Human immunodeficiency Virus which actually spreads the virus in your bloodstream which ultimately decreases immunity and make you sick.

2. Is HIV synonym for AIDS?

The answer is no! HIV and AIDS are not synonyms but AIDS is driven out of HIV. In other words, it can be said that AIDs is a condition created by HIV and since HIV damages your immune system, chances of getting AIDS multiplies.

3. How can HIV be transmitted?

The fluids through which HIV can be transmitted are blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid (or pre-cum), rectal/vaginal fluids, and breast milk. You can’t get HIV with kissing, touching, spit, sweat or tears of someone who is HIV positive. This means that if you are engaging with intimate and sexual activity with someone who is HIV positive then this virus can get into your body through mucous membrane which can be lining of your vagina, penis or through oral sex or directly into your blood through some infected needle.

4. How can HIV be detected?

HIV can’t be detected properly until and unless reports prove it. If you are young then chances are that you will never get to know if you have HIV as immunity is quite strong in young age. If you are in your early fifties or elder than that then you may get to experience symptoms frequently. Since your immunity power goes for a toss in HIV, you would experience severe fever, sore throat, headaches and body ache. These symptoms will prolong than usual in case of HIV patients.

5. How to cope up with physical intimacy?

Physical intimacy is important part of any relationship and you want physical satisfaction in your relationship (after all it is one of the basic needs as per many theories on motivation). Every time you have unprotected sex with your partner who is HIV positive, your chances of getting HIC increases, hence it is necessary that you try and have protected sex. Don’t go for lambskin condoms as they are porous and allow HIV to pass through. Latex and polyurethane condoms provided maximum protection.

HIV status should not be a factor to decide future course of your relationship. If you have lack of shared interests or no chemistry, you can think of breaking but his/her HIV status should not be one of the factors. So be wary of all these questions and live happily ever after!